PCN Professionals is a woman-owned full-service wireless telecommunications engineering company developing and deploying RF-based solutions to meet both the current and future needs of our clients. The company was founded in 1990 and established operations in Texas in 1994. It is staffed with some of the best talent in the Telecom Corridor®. The types of solutions we have provided include:
  • High-capacity fixed data communication infrastructure
  • Mobile data network infrastructure
  • Wireless links for security system interconnection
  • Wireless links for surveillance video
  • Wireless extension of fiber networks to remote locations
  • Wireless extension of fiber networks across obstacles & difficult terrain
  • Local positioning systems to locate personnel & assets indoors & out
  • Interconnecting RFID components locally, and complete systems across large facilities
Working closely with our clients, we assess their requirements and translate their needs into targeted solutions using the appropriate combination of both the current and latest RF technologies available. Our client base includes:
  • Public Utilities
  • Commercial Telecommunications Carriers
  • Private Land Mobile Radio Operators
  • Private Enterprises & Entrepreneurs
  • Airport & Seaport Authorities
  • State & Local Government, including Public Safety & DOT ITS applications

Please contact us today to discuss your needs and the solutions we have available.

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