The current situation around surveillance and traffic management has federal, state and local transportation agencies looking for ways to improve the monitoring, tracking, and surveillance capabilities of their Intelligent Transportation Systems. The advent of small, sophisticated sensors and streaming video over Ethernet networks has resulted in significant increases in capabilities and reductions in cost compared to previous generation systems. However, instrumentation and surveillance to the intersection level requires broadband communications to the intersections. While most intersections do not have broadband facilities at them, current generation radio systems interface directly with Ethernet equipment and can provide transmission rates in excess of 100 Mbps per radio channel. This allows for the transmission of video, sensor, control and operational data from intersections to the nearest access point on the fiber network or to a central control point. PCN Professionals provides a number of services relating to communications systems used by local and state transportation departments. Our services address both fixed and mobile radio systems, including outdoor Wide Area Networks (WANs) used in collecting sensor data, monitoring and controlling equipment at intersections, and streaming video back to a control center. These include:

Typical Support Services Offered
Wireless Systems for Surveillance Video
Wireless Systems for Wide-Area Data Networks

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Typical Support Services Offered

Wireless systems used to carry surveillance can be deployed in a couple of ways: point-to-point and point-to-multi-point systems. Where multiple cameras are deployed in a small area, a point-to-multipoint may be the best solution. In areas where only a single camera, or multiple cameras in close proximity, need connectivity, a single high-capacity radio link may be the best solution. 

  • Requirements definition
  • Feasibility studies & cost estimating
  • Radio network design
    • Basic connectivity
    • Redundancy for high reliability
    • Interconnection with fiber
  • Propagation analysis & modeling
  • Radio site surveys
    • Licensed & unlicensed point-to-point
    • Unlicensed point-to-multipoint
  • Frequency utilization & interference analyses
  • Radio path design for point-to-point systems
    • Frequency recommendations
    • Path clearance, antenna height & size
    • System margins & availability
  • Coverage design for point-to-multipoint systems
    • Base station locations
    • Predicted radio coverage
  • Radio equipment recommendations
  • Frequency coordination & FCC licensing
  • Tower studies
  • FAA filings
  • Interface design for voice, video & data
  • RFP preparation
  • Vendor evaluation & qualification
  • Construction & installation management
  • Performance testing & verification
  • On-going technical support
  • Operations support and rules compliance
    • Operations planning
    • FCC compliance
    • FAA compliance

To further discuss the services provided in planning, designing and deploying radio networks, for ITS applications, please contact us.

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Wireless Systems for Surveillance Video

Increasingly, digital radio systems are being used to extend the reach of fiber and other broadband connections. This application was part of a field trial of a new generation of covery surveillance cameras and demonstrated the use of high-speed Non-Line-Of-Sight (NLOS) digital radio equipment to carry streaming video from an intersection to a point of access on the LA-DOT fiber network. The video signal was digitized using high-quality MPEG-4 encoders and carried by high-speed point-to-point unlicensed digital radio to an ATM switch on their existing fiber network. This link had the capacity for up to six simultaneous video streams, and was installed and operational within 4 hours of arriving at the site, blocking only one lane of traffic for 2 hours during the installation process. To further discuss the services provided in planning, designing and deploying radio networks for ITS surveillance video applications, please contact us.

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Wireless Systems for Wide-Area Data Networks

PCN Professionals developed and demonstrated the means to bring low-speed communications to intersection controllers not currently connected to the fiber optic communications network operated by the City of Los Angles Department of Transportation. This project was done as part of a larger project upgrading the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) capabilities by the prime contractor. In this project we completed the following tasks:

  • Completed an "office study" to determine path characteristics
  • Performed a hardware survey to identify potential equipment solutions
  • Analyzed the links using actual equipment parameters
  • Proposed a technical solution, along with budget and schedule
  • Fielded a demonstration system using one base station to service 5 intersections
  • Developed a comprehensive report of the trial results
  • Developed a plan to deploy a 250-intersection system

This was a major project and a white paper describing the application and results is available on request. To further discuss the services provided in planning, designing and deploying radio networks for wide-area ITS networking applications, please contact us.

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