PCN Professionals provides a number of services relating to the legal and regulatory aspects of communications system deployment and operation. These include:

FCC Licensing Support
Other FCC Filings
FAA Study Support
Signed & Sealed Documents
Technical Support for Legal Proceedings

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FCC Licensing Support

The staff at PCN Professionals has filed numerous FCC licenses on behalf of its clients for a variety of communications systems including, point-to-point microwave radio systems, mobile radio systems and satellite earth stations. We provide the following services as part of the licensing activities associated with radio system design and deployment:

  • Identify the clear RF channels in an area and recommend the best available
  • Coordinate the RF channels selected with other users in the area
  • Prepare the FCC application package and provide guidance in its filing with the FCC

Please contact us to discuss ways we can support you in your FCC licensing activities.

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Other FCC Filings

In addition to preparing license applications and modifications to licenses associated with the construction or alteration of licensed radio infrastructure, PCN Professionals provides a number of other FCC filing support activities. These include:

  • Modification of existing licenses for equipment additions or changes
  • Oppositions or petitions to the actions of others that may adversely impact a licensed system

Please contact us to discuss ways we can support you in your other FCC filings.

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FAA Study Support

The impact of installing antennas for any radio project, whether licensed or unlicensed, must be considered. During the system design phase of all projects, the proximity of towers to existing airports is considered and the design is adjusted as needed to assure FAA approval. PCN Professionals routinely works with FAA staff and is familiar with what actions are likely to be approved. These functions include:

  • Evaluation of the antenna heights needed and the impact on the need for FAA studies
  • Evaluation of the proximity of antennas to existing airports and study requirements
  • Glide-slope analysis for towers and antenna support structures near airports
  • Guidance on selecting lighting and marking methods for towers and other support structures
  • Preparation and filing of FAA Form 7460-1 and required attachments
  • Interface with the FAA during the study process

Please contact us to discuss ways we can support you in your FAA study work.

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Signed & Sealed Documents

In most states, the practice of engineering is regulated by state boards, and in some, radio system design and engineering activities resulting in studies, designs or engineering documents submitted to state or local agencies, or municipalities must be signed and sealed by a registered Professional Engineer (PE). PCN Professionals has professional engineers on staff that are familiar with the laws regarding signing and sealing engineering documents in several states, and can sign and seal documents in several states.

Please contact us to discuss ways we can support you in the design of systems for governmental agencies.

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Technical Support For Legal Proceedings

PCN Professional offers a number of support services relating to wireless telecom to the legal community. These include:

  • Expert witness
  • Expert testimony
  • Arbitration and mediation support

Cases supported include:

  • Interception of radio signals
  • Damage assessments from accidents at tower sites
  • Technical support in intellectual property disputes
  • Technical support in determining damages due to improper system operation
  • Damage assessment support from negligence

Please contact us to discuss ways we can support you in any of these areas.

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